You’re motivated. You’re inspired. You’re moving toward your goals with passion and purpose.

Transformation doesn’t take weeks, months or years. With the right spark, transformation can happen right here, right now.

The Ignite Method is the spark you need. Our programs are delivered in groups and one-on-one.

Meet Beth Chesterton, Founder of The Ignite Method

Beth Chesterton is a leadership and organizational consultant who brings a track record for inspiring clients with actionable insights through dynamic facilitation and transformative coaching.

Beth Chesterton, founder of The Ignite Method, is dedicated to helping people see themselves and their strengths more clearly. Through the Ignite process, participants change — they are able to unlock motivation and potential. As a result, they are more confident and effective.

“Beth is a whirling mass of driving energy… you don’t contact Beth unless you are ready for something extraordinary to happen.”

Breck Costin

Co-Founder SmartyPants & Hollywood Coach

“The Ignite Method came along at the perfect time. I was feeling unmotivated, and my work was stagnant. The process is simple yet so effective. I immediately felt more resolved to get working and inspired to creatively tackle the challenges that had stalled my progress.”

-Jill Farmer

Emmy-winning Journalist & Author 

Experience The Ignite Method for yourself

“Beth Chesterton sees the future. Better yet, she sees your future and works feverishly to exploit your untapped genius and provoke a fearless attitude. Beth distinguishes herself by identifying perceived obstructions and removing such inefficiencies like a skilled surgeon. Expect a radical departure from conventional motivational doctrine. Results will vary from flagrant self-confidence to intense feelings of a brighter tomorrow. Yes, Beth sees the future.”

Dan Curran
CEO, PowerPublish

Make your best life a reality, not just a New Year’s resolution.